Article Sep 08, 2019

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Beauty buzz: Eyebrow microblading

Tori Spelling was known for her thin eyebrows when playing Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210 back in the 1990s.

However, the actress recently revealed she had taken the plunge and had her eyebrows microbladed by make-up artist Niki Metz. Taking to Instagram, Tori raved that she was amazed by the difference in her arches and wishes she had done it earlier.

"About three weeks ago I blew it and made a hole in one of my brows while trying to tweeze them,” she captioned a slideshow of before and after photos. “That's when I knew I just had to go for it! My forever friend and make-up artist and #microblading master @nikimetzmakeup has been telling me forever to do it. That it would be life-changing. Well, she was right...I'm obsessed with the beautiful #microblading she did on me. Who knew brows could literally boost your self-confidence! I feel so good about myself right now.”

So, what exactly is eyebrow microblading? The procedure is perhaps best described as a form of cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation performed with a very fine hand tool dipped in the chosen pigment, which mimics the appearance of hair.

An eyebrow microblading session usually takes between 90 and 120 minutes, with an expert applying a topical anaesthetic to the area to keep any potential pain to a minimum.

Following the microblading session, permanent make-up specialist Laura Kay from Laura Kay London advises clients to keep their eyebrows dry for seven to 10 days as well as avoid sunbeds, saunas, extreme heat and direct sunlight for at least a week.

“Apply aftercare balm once a day with a clean cotton bud for the next seven days,” she explained. “They will be dark initially and then they may flake, you won't see the true healed colour until four to six weeks later and they can fade up to 50 per cent. After four to six weeks you will need to go for a top up appointment so any further balancing can be done.”

Once the microblading procedure is complete, it can last for a long time, with some people left with pigment indefinitely. But Laura sees most of her clients once a year for a top up appointment.

“It does fade over time, so I would recommend a maintaining session every year to keep them looking good,” she added.