Article Mar 08, 2018

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Canadian Doctors Want To Give Up Their Pay Raises And The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

The doctors in the Canadian province of Quebec recently received an 11.2% pay increase. However, they want nothing to do with and are actually protesting these pay increases, but why?

As it turns out, hundreds of doctors want less money. The physicians, residents, and medical students are outraged that Quebec’s latest budget gives them a significant raise, but then there is nothing for the nursing staff. So, the doctors are getting an 11.2% raise over eight years, yet the nurses are suffering through a nursing crisis? That makes sense!

Fortune said that Quebec is in the middle of a nursing crisis and some nurses have even reported themselves to their professional association because they say overwork means they can no longer maintain a proper standard of care.

Once hearing about these raises late last month, the Quebec doctors' assocoation MQRP began a petition against them. They stated that the increases were "shocking," especially when nurses, clerks and other medical professionals “face very difficult working conditions.” It also stated that patients have been hit by budget cuts affecting the public health system.

At this time, the petition has amassed 763 signatures—433 physicians, 161 resident doctors and 169 medical students. In the petition, it states, “We, Quebec doctors, are asking that the salary increases granted to physicians be cancelled and that the resources of the system be better distributed for the good of health care workers and to provide health services worthy of the people of Quebec."

According to CBC News, specialists in Quebec make an average of 403,537 Canadian dollars ($311,853) each year, compared with $367,154 in Ontario. They also reported that Quebec’s health minister, Gaétan Barrette, stated the doctors could give up their raise if they want and he is now more focused on dealing with the nursing crisis.