Article Aug 09, 2019

You are no longer passing

Five new beauty brands you need to know about

Sometimes even the most hardened beauty fan needs a bit of help, especially when it comes to trying new things.

It’s too easy to get stuck in a make-up and skincare rut, which is why we’re bringing you some new brands which should be on your radar.

Nomad cosmetics

This cruelty-free brand creates palettes and lines based on places, so you can opt for a Sydney, Berlin or Havana.

It’s a unique idea which really works – especially as even the packaging is created to match the location.

So hop to Marrakesh and you’ll get an eye palette stuffed with colourful brights, while New York is all about subtle shades with a bit of shimmer.

Bee Yu

This New Zealand brand is big into glow, and uses Manuka honey from the country to get it. 

On top of that, bee venom will help with collagen and elastin production so skin looks plump.

The final magic ingredient is royal jelly, which is packed with amino acids, fatty acids and B vitamins all of which are wonder skin ingredients.


This is a full make-up line, but the star of the show is the Say What? Foundation.

First up, it comes in a stonking 51 shades, but there are also six undertones to choose from.

Each of those has ingredients to tackle the most common skincare concerns of the category.

So, the fair skin option helps with premature ageing, while the dark brown skin version helps with pigmentation and dullness.


So long K-Beauty, now we’re all about F-Beauty… which isn’t as rude as it sounds.

Lumene is a Finnish brand which draws on the country’s unique light cycle – in Lapland, the sun goes down in late November and doesn’t rise again until part way through January.

That, coupled with use of the country’s natural resources for ingredients like spring water filtered through layers of sand and gravel from the ice age, puts the emphasis firmly on skincare.

Glow is Lumene’s big thing too, see its Instant Glow UV Primer SPF30 and Glow Reveal Peeling Mask.


This is the brainchild of Montague Ashley-Craig, who studied Chemistry and then Cosmetic Science. 

She fused that knowledge with a love of plants to create a line full of active botanicals and natural ingredients. What makes the range different is the products are made in small batches to make sure the actives remain potent. 

It launched with three offerings - Sage & Coffee Body Scrub, White Lyan Hand Wash, and Lanark Hand Wash - but has since expanded, and the products come in glass packaging to cut down on waste too.