Article Jan 09, 2020

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Many bacon products 'saltier than seawater'

Many bacon products contain excessive amounts of salt, health experts warn.

According to officials at Action on Salt, an organisation based at Queen Mary University of London, of the 171 bacon products collected from the 10 main U.K. supermarket chains, 86 per cent have a salt concentration equal to or greater than seawater.

The saltiest product on the market was Tesco Finest's Unsmoked 8 Wiltshire Cure Back Bacon Medallions, which contained a staggering 5.3 grams of salt per 100 grams, more than twice the concentration of seawater, and the equivalent salt content of one Burger King hamburger in just one rasher.

The least salty bacon overall was The Co-operative's 8 Reduced Fat Unsmoked Bacon Medallions, with the meat containing 1.45 grams per 100 grams of salt.

"Given the fact that bacon is the biggest contributor to salt after bread in the U.K. diet, and that we are still far exceeding our daily salt targets, it's shocking to learn that food manufacturers are still ignoring the voluntary salt reduction targets and putting profits before the health of the nation," said Sonia Pombo, campaign manager for Action on Salt.

In order to cut back on salt intake, the experts at Action on Salt recommend consumers check food labels and use the FoodSwitch app to find healthier options, be mindful of portion sizes, try to avoid eating bacon with other salty foods such as bread, cheese, or baked beans, and check out pork alternatives such as turkey rashers.