Article Aug 13, 2018

You are no longer passing

Monday motivation: Try Jenny McCarthy’s treadmill hack

Cardio sessions are a sure-fire way to lose weight, while also keeping the heart and lungs healthy, but not everyone is built for running.

However, a trusty treadmill can be your new gym best friend even if you hate running – just increase the incline instead of the speed for a fat-busting walking workout.

If you don’t believe us, just ask actress Jenny McCarthy.

"I can't run any more, my bones hurt. So all I do is an incline of 15 on a treadmill, and then I hold my hand weights, and I watch Game of Thrones or (Real) Housewives, and I literally box while I walk uphill, and that's all I can do for 45 minutes a day,” she told Fox News.

Swapping running for uphill treadmill treks is a great idea for anyone suffering with knee, ankle and back problems, as it’s a lower-impact exercise. Also for anyone first getting into fitness, walking is much less daunting than an all-out run.

Adding weights to the mix, as Jenny does, will boost upper body strength, burn calories and work your core – which you can maximize by sucking in your stomach as you climb uphill.

And for anyone that is confident with running, include some sprints in your walking routine. For example, after warming up for three to five minutes on a low incline and speed, set the running machine to a 15 incline with a gentle speed (around the five mark), so your heart rate quickens. Walk like this for three minutes, then bring the incline back down to one - but increase the speed to nine and run for a minute.

Repeat these two actions for 30 to 40 minutes to burn up to 400 calories, before cooling down with a slow walk for three to five minutes, followed by stretching.