Article Jan 11, 2020

You are no longer passing

Romee Strijd’s guide to flat iron waves

Romee Strijd is regularly asked by fans exactly how she achieves her relaxed waves.

Luckily for us, the Dutch model has now teamed with her hairstylist Ruslan Nureev on a step-by-step video guide for her YouTube channel. Read on for details.

Spritz with hairspray

If working with freshly washed locks, Ruslan recommends taking sections of hair and spritzing with a quality hairspray.

“If it’s too clean, I’d recommend putting some hairspray on it,” he said, adding that he’s a fan of L'Oreal Paris’ Elnett Hair Spray. “It’s really brushable, not crunchable or sticky.”

Use small sections

Once the hair is prepped, Romee and Ruslan separated the strands into four sections and pinned each one with a clip. The hair guru recommended starting at the highest point of the head and combing down towards the ear. He then took one-inch sections and began creating waves with the GHD Gold Professional Hair Styler.

“It bends really easily and it glides through the hair,” Ruslan commented. “The first (wave) you’d always start away from the face and then go back. Sometimes I like to heat up the section. (I go once over the hair with the iron) so my section is nice and hot and it’s not going to leave any marks in it. The key is, you want each section to look very similar (in size).”

Add more texture

Once the waves had been completed, Romee and Ruslan combed them out with their fingers. Finally, they applied a decent amount of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray throughout the tresses, as the formula boosts the hair’s volume and texture and also has excellent oil-absorbing qualities.

“It’s super fresh, natural,” gushed Ruslan of the completed wavy hairstyle.