Article Dec 21, 2017

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Soothing keratosis pilaris - aka chicken skin

You may not know what the term keratosis pilaris means, but it’s highly likely you’ve had it yourself or seen others suffering from it.

The condition, also known as chicken skin, consists of rough bumps that are mostly found on the arms, legs or cheeks, which are caused by the retention of the hair protein keratin in the openings of the follicles.

It may be tempting to exfoliate the spots away, but experts have warned that rubbing roughly could only irritate them more, so we’re going to list some treatments that have been found to work.


Affected skin tends to be dried out, so make sure you keep it nourished with the right products. While some options only reduce dryness and don’t actually make a difference, products like Ameliorate Skin Transforming Body Lotion are designed specifically for such skin issues. It gently exfoliates AND moisturizers, tackling dry skin, ingrown hairs and bumps. Avene Akerat Body Cream is another strong contender for treating keratosis pilaris; it is fragrance and paraben free and soothes any inflammation on the skin’s surface, leaving a smooth surface.

Pick the right body washes

Fragranced products can also irritate, especially body washes. Swap these for unscented, natural options, like those from Aveeno or Carex, and look out for ingredients like salicylic acid to help penetrate follicles and release the keratin. Lactic acid is a great key ingredient too, as it’s known to boost moisture in the skin and lower discomfort as it loosens cells.

Change your temperature

Hot water could only worsen the condition so try to avoid scolding showers or baths. It may be tricky to have a lukewarm wash when it’s cold outside but trust us, your skin will be grateful!

Switch up your diet

Experts have previously warned against tucking into dairy foods if you suffer keratosis pilaris as it only makes it worse. They also urge people to eat more omega-3 rich foods, like salmon, soybeans and walnuts as they help boost skin cell health and raise hydration levels in the body.