Article Oct 13, 2016

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Treatments you can do in your sleep

When it comes to beauty there are few shortcuts. But how about making your "beauty sleep" mean just that? By working some of your essential maintenance into your bedtime routine you can get your rest plus healthier hair, hydrated skin, and whiter teeth by letting the treatments do the work while you sleep. Read on for our tips on how to solve your beauty bugbears overnight.

Rough hands and feet

If your feet are dry, cracked, or calloused, try slathering on thick moisturizer or Vaseline before pulling on an old pair of cotton socks and hitting the hay. The socks hold the moisturizer against your skin, helping it to penetrate. Similarly, for dry hands apply a rich moisturizer, and then wear cotton gloves to bed for rejuvenated, silky skin.

Keep wrinkles at bay

Rich night creams and anti-wrinkle serums are great for wrinkles, but "sleeping masks" are the latest overnight skincare trend to come out of South Korea. A sleeping mask can be applied over your regular moisturizer right before you go to bed. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque contains skin plumping proteins and desert plant leaves to keep your skin hydrated all night long. It should be plump and supple by morning.

Keep your hair under control

Turning over during the night causes friction, which leads to breakage and frizz. To avoid, switch to satin pillowcases as the slippery surface allows your hair to glide, which minimizes damage. Alternatively plait hair in a loose braid, which will not only prevent frizz but will also create pretty waves by the time you roll out of bed.

Treating chronically dry skin

Dermatologists suggest sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom especially in the winter when the air is drier. Humidifying the air can reverse the process of skin dehydration and is particularly helpful for patients with dermatitis, and eczema. Just ensure you replace the water daily, and change the filter as directed to avoid any mold growth in your humidifier.

Plump up light lashes

If your lashes lack flutter, there are plenty of eyelash growth serums on the market. One DIY treatment you can find in your pantry is castor oil, which can be applied to eyelashes at night to help them grow longer and thicker. Use a clean Q-tip and dab the oil along your top lash line. You should see results in 8-12 weeks.

Repair split ends

If your hair feels dry or you're just overdue for a trim, you don't have to wait for your next haircut to get rid of split ends. Apply a hair mask like KeraCare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment before bed to strengthen locks. The moisturizing nightcap is enriched with coconut oil and sunflower seed oil and will do its work overnight to soften, hydrate and nourish the hair.