Article Feb 07, 2018

You are no longer passing

Trend to try: Whimsical braids

Designer Ziad Nakad's latest fashion show held during Paris Couture Week was packed full of elegant dresses and shimmering ballgowns.

Yet, fashionistas perched on the front row weren't just dazzled by the garments, as they were charmed by the models' gorgeous hairstyles too.

To create the look, Cristian Pignatta of ELSL Management and Neville Hair & Beauty Salon, started by first spritzing L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Beach Waves evenly though the hair. This product is ideal for creating textured, tousled hair quickly and easily, offering up natural-looking waves with a matte finish.

"Then take a vent brush and create a natural root lift around the crown, but be sure to leave the front hair line smooth," he shared. "Blast dry the mid-lengths and ends, really working the product into the tresses."

Next, take a comb and section the hair into a rough zig zag pattern to achieve an organic wave. And to really emulate the look, take some strands and loosely braid to "create a rougher texture". At Nakad's show, most of the models had a plait either side of the crown of the head and another two placed on the sides.

"Finish off the look by applying L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Super Dust to mattify the hair," added Cristian, going on to explain that the ultra-fine styling powder is great for adding volume. Simply shake before use and then sprinkle powder into the palm of your hand. Apply to dry hair through the lengths and ends to give hair volume. For even more volume, apply directly to the roots, shaking the container 1cm from the scalp.