Article Oct 31, 2018

You are no longer passing

Wondrous water

We all remember the infamous “hell no H2O” line from chick flick fave Coyote Ugly, but we’ve got to disagree with Lil, Violet and co.

Hell yes to water! From drinking the stuff to keep skin looking hydrated and plump, to dousing hair in cold water to make it look shiny, water is your beauty best friend.

So, for once, don’t splash the cash on fancy products, just head to your bathroom or kitchen, run the taps and splash!


Celebrities often sing the praises of water; from Karlie Kloss to Beyonce, lots of A-list beauties guzzle as much as they can to keep themselves looking flawless. And although science can’t find conclusive evidence that drinking two to three litres of pure water every day makes a difference to skin’s health, we’re more inclined to believe Queen Bey.

The adult human body is made of up to 60 per cent water, so it’s important to keep hydrated – for health reasons as well as aesthetic. People who challenge themselves to up their H2O intake quite often notice skin looks plumper and brighter, while energy levels soar. If you’re not a fan of the taste of tap water than grab a filter jug to keep in the fridge instead of buying single-use plastic bottles, which are bad for the planet. BRITA and Stelton both have great selections.


As well as drinking it, freezing the stuff is a great quick-fix solution for angry, red zits. Resist the urge to squeeze spots by grabbing some ice to calm the inflammation and swelling. This also reduces the risk of scarring and colour change to the skin. Put ice cubes in a cloth before placing on a pimple and hold there for three minutes. Repeat after a few minutes rest.

And if you’re feeling really brave, go for an ice water facial first thing in the morning to de-puff, tighten and reduce pore size.


Again cold water wins the beauty war, but this time on your hair. Many claim that rinsing hair with a blast of cold water after washing it will close cuticles, meaning shinier hair with much less frizz.